Line-up gate


A modular gate system compatible with the Mojo aluminum barriers, the line up gate is used for entrance ways at festivals, stadia, venues or other areas with large queuing crowds to manage their ingress. Gates can be placed at site entrances or ‘golden circle’ or ‘VIP areas’. The unique design includes areas suitable for security check points and ticket collection or scanning, while also ensuring the crowd enters the site in an orderly fashion.

Line Up Gate

Line Up Gate



  • Full aluminum system, quick to build and quick to take out
  • Contains two small lockable doors at the front and back of the unit
  • Sloped floorplate (back and front) 
  • Gate width is 0.50 m 
  • Fully compatible with the Mojo Barrier system 
  • Signage (banners or LED) is optional 
  • Possible access for security staff between queuing people 
  • Front bumper has a security step for addressing or overlooking the ingress 
  • Can be used for ingress and egress of crowds 
  • Available in silver only 
  • Use in high crowd pressure areas: