Channel Barrier/ Temporary Fencing

Channel Barriers

Channel barriers are ideal for demarcation, area segregation and creating organised queuing systems. Quick to install, these 2.30m temporary barriers can be provided with flat feet if needed.

Channel barriers

Temporary Fencing

This multi – use fencing is 2m high and 3.50m long. Stabilised with clamps and rubber blocks this fencing system can be braced if needed. Clean panels are always in stock offering a viable and aesthetical option.

Temporary fencing

Technical Specs Channel Barrier

  • Lenght 2.30m
  • Height 1.22m
  • Flat feet if required
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Galvanised steel


Technical Specs Temporary Fencing

  • Height 2m
  • Length 3.50m
  • Braced if needed