Mojo Barriers supplies necessary material and tools (hand and/or electrical) with all orders to ensure operating efficiency for crews installing the systems. Installations are very simple as one bolt fits all Mojo aluminum units, so no time is wasted looking for the right size or type. Steel pink ammo boxes, containing all nuts and bolts, ensure conveniently arranged storage and prevent equipment getting lost or misplaced on event sites. All tools, bolts and other equipment are transported in high quality flightcases. Due to its distinct pink colour, Mojo Barriers cases are easily recognizable at any event venue or festival site.




The regular stainless steel transport system, Dolly 10 contains up to ten horizontally stored aluminum barrier sections. The same dollies are in use for all corners, flexi’s and vario’s, so there is no confusion as to what goes in each dolly. Special attention has been paid to the design, to ensure two crew members can easily load or unload the barriers into and out of the dolly. Units will only fit one way with easy access for the safest method of lifting. Dolly 10 is strong, easily stacked up to three high and built on high quality wheels to ensure speed and safety. Dolly 10 measures 1.13 m wide by 1.34 m long and 1.17 m high.




A mobile stainless steel transport system for five aluminum barriers (or snake gates and vario’s). Because of its efficient set-up, Dolly 5 can be operated by just one person. Barrier sections are stored vertically and due to the specifically designed rolling system, barriers are easily pulled out or put back inside. Dolly 5 measures 0.59 m wide by 1.30 m long and 1.22 m high and cannot be stacked. Very useful in venues with restricted storage or access.