Feb 2017 | International
Mojo Barriers’ Appoints US Manager

Mojo Barriers US has appointed Jordi van Berkum as the company’s new US manager, 6th Feb 2017.

Since the acquisition of Mojo Barriers by EVAGO Group on 18th Jan 2017, CEO Alex Borger has been taking on board the ambitions of the new owners and visiting the global network of offices with them. A trip to the USA in January with EVAGO CFO Lorenz Schmid resulted in the appointment of Jordi van Berkum.

Alex comments: “Jordi’s experience working for Mojo Barriers gives us confidence that his understanding of our high quality delivery and service values will be at the core of his management strategy. He’s a fantastic addition to our management team who will help to shape the US company to make the best of new opportunities that arise as part of EVAGO Group in a dynamic market sector.”

Mojo is currently supplying crowd barriers/barricades to 2017 US tours by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 21 Pilots.

In addition to working with Mojo Barriers, Jordi worked for Backbone North America where he was part of the production team at events including Corona Sunsets, Mysteryland USA, TomorrowWorld, Life in Color Miami and the United States Grand Prix Formula 1 concerts at Circuit of the Americas featuring Taylor Swift & The Roots ft Usher.