Aug 2012 | International
August 2012 Mojo launches new touring barriers with Madonna

Cees Muurling & Appi Thörig from  Mojo Barriers at Madonna Tour in Hyde Park 2012-24Mojo Barriers launched its new touring barrier system on the European leg of Madonna’s MDNA tour, offering promoters a more tour-friendly product whilst maintaining the highest levels of structural integrity and safety.

The newly designed barrier is slightly lighter than Mojo’s standard aluminium barrier system, which has become the much-copied global industry standard since its launch in 1998 when Mojo Barriers turned from steel to aluminium.

By using bespoke cast parts and extrusions in manufacturing Mojo has been able to integrate specific design changes to give a friendlier feel in handling the product and an increased number of units fitting in a standard dolly. The latter has enabled a saving of 20 percent on truckspace and storage.

Available in aluminium and powder-coated black the system has undergone extensive testing to ensure it meets and exceeds all expected tolerance and pressure levels. Mojo has initially ordered 1,500m of the new system, including corners, gates and other specials.

Cees Muurling, Mojo Barrier’s managing director, explains: “A large part of our business is touring with major global artists and working with them to find ways to make their tours more efficient, safe and cost effective. We invest heavily in research and development and are constantly finding ways to improve our products and services and pass these benefits onto our clients. As more productions enter territories with poor – or worse – no barriers, carrying a touring barrier is more essential to consistently fulfil healthy and safety regulations.

“The new barrier has been in development for the last 18 months, undergoing meticulous testing both externally, and at our headquarters in Holland, to ensure that it can handle the same pressure levels as our previous product. This new system has huge economical benefits and the interest and feedback we have had already is incredibly promising. Madonna’s MDNA tour was the first to take it on the road and we are already in talks with other major artists.”

The MDNA tour has seen Mojo, led onsite by Ap Thörig, tour across 33 European dates with the barrier making its debut at the show in Istanbul on June 7th and ending in Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice, France on 21st August. Other locations included London’s Hyde Park where Madonna performed outside to over 80,000 fans.