The O2 Opts for Mojo Barriers

The O2 London has purchased Mojo Barriers to keep concert and event audiences safe.

The O2 - 2015The Mojo Barriers UK office has sold front of stage crowd barrier systems to the The O2, extending its long term relationship with the venue. UK Manager Kevin Thorborn states:

“This flagship UK venue is passionate about the safety and wellbeing of its audiences. We have rented barriers to them for many years, but this purchase reinforces its commitment to their patrons and artists.

“Having delivered the barriers to The O2, we then trained its staff in the installation and dismantling of the system enabling them to deploy their in-house systems for their clients when required. If ever the arena needs to extend the barriers configuration we can supply additional compatible barriers, including our wide range of special pieces, such as curves or gates.”

Operations Director at The O2, Steve Gotkine comments: “Keeping our fans safe is something we take very seriously at The O2.  Utilising our own Mojo Barriers will help improve the service we offer to all our visitors.  We’ve been very impressed with both the product and service we’ve received. ”

The O2 has purchased 68m of linear barrier, which will allow it to build a barrier system for a standard standing show (front of stage and front of house position).