A core part of the Mojo Barriers aim is to educate the industry on the importance of crowd control and the science behind barrier configurations.  Working with educational institutes to carry out research into the most effective use of crowd barriers has further developed Mojo Barriers’ product range, ensuring the company continues to set high standards in the live event sector.

As part of this drive towards setting industry standards in crowd management Mojo Barriers has launched a revolutionary research program offering scientific evidence – for the first time – to scientifically develop understanding of how control of crowd dynamics can make events safer.

The new research, launched by Mojo Barriers in partnership with UK-based Bucks New University (BNU) began at Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2007. The research programme is gathering data from events across the globe to enable better understanding of what barrier formations should be used in different venues and situations, and results are used to influence configurations at future events.

The research utilises Mojo Barriers’ Barrier Load Monitoring System (BLMS) system. Custom manufactured, the BLMS barriers are equipped with two pressure sensors built into the load bearing arms, which record data.  This information is reported real-time through a computer control system, and analysed by proprietary software developed by Mojo Barriers.